FLOWTECH designs and produces equipment for handling, transporting, and mixing powders and granules that are tailored to the customer’s wishes and needs. Our solutions range from simple setups to automated systems.

Based on the customer’s own system or desires, the equipment is designed and produced to fit precisely into the current production.

Powder transport internally in productions and process plants

Powders and granules can be transported and dosed with many types of equipment:

Pneumatic transport (pressure and vacuum transport and variants thereof)

Snail transport.


Disc conveyors.

Conveyor belt.


Combinations and variations thereof.

Bulk in containers and big bags.

Each type of equipment has its advantages and disadvantages, which FLOWTECH has relevant experience with all types of equipment and offers the best combination, adapted to the current product.

All powders have different characteristics, therefore all products are tested on our test equipment to achieve the right solution.

The systems can be delivered pre-assembled as units, including control system.

Run-in on site, with the customer’s products and raw materials, adapted to production is included as a natural part of the delivery of equipment.

We also offer service and spare parts packages

BIG BAG Handling

Modern production methods with demands for constantly reduced production costs make demands simple handling of raw materials and auxiliary substances.

Use of raw materials and auxiliary substances packaged in big bags is a close possibility.

Big bag technology can be divided into 2 areas:

1. Emptying and 2. filling of big bags that have many functions in common.

Correct handling of big bags places demands on the production equipment in several areas:

Handling of the big bag must be carried out in a safe manner for reasons of personnel and product safety.

Emptying/filling of the big bag must be possible without unnecessary dust generation.

It must be possible to check the emptied or filled quantity.

In some cases, the quantity must be accurately weighed, and the result logged.

The big bag must be able to be emptied or filled completely.

The equipment must possibly be able to handle different products and several types of big bags.

All FLOWTECH systems are specially designed in close collaboration with the customer.

Based on the customer’s knowledge of the product and raw materials, combined with FLOWTECH’s unique experience from countless completed projects, the optimal design is prepared.

All materials, electrical and mechanical, are carefully selected based on our long experience. The equipment is designed for continuous operation for years, often in harsh industrial environments. Capacities can be from grams to tons per hour.

Mixing plant for powders

Dosing and mixing of powders can be done batchwise or continuously (in-line).

Batch process

In a batch process, powders and granules are dosed into the mixer in the desired weight or volumetric ratio, in which the individual components are included in the recipe.

The powder is most often weighed, either manually or automatically in: a weighing container, dosing unit, or in the mixer itself which can be placed on weighing cells.

In the mixer, the weighed and dosed components will be mixed into a homogeneous mixture, an intermediate container is typically placed under the mixer so that the mixer can be emptied quickly, for continued production.

There are many types of mixers: Ribbon mixers, cone mixers, paddle mixers, ploughshare mixers, tumble mixers and several variants thereof. Special equipment such as tulip knives can be fitted to break up clumps or homogenize. They each have their advantages.

Liquids, e.g. water, fat, lecithin or other can be added and absorbed to standardize, fat or water content, for e.g. To coat the products.

In-line dosing

In-line dosing and mixing takes place continuously where the equipment is integrated into the production process, suitable where the requirements for documentation and accuracy are reduced.

Advice on the choice of mixer and setup for mixing plants

Based on our long experience with powder mixing, FLOWTECH offers guidance on the right choice of mixer and setup for the mixing plant.