Flow technologies for liquids and powders

As a specialist in stainless steel process equipment, our main task is to create individually customised overall solutions.

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FLOWTECH specialises in consulting and developing process equipment

Our focus areas are quality, flexibility and above all, our customers’ needs

We prioritise the best rather than the easiest solution. We value continuity and flexibility. There are no standard tasks and we often manage individually designed solutions. And always focusing on the customer’s needs.

Overall, we have five areas of work:

  • Project design
  • Manufacturing components
  • Assembly and installation work
  • Commissioning
  • Optimising processes

Our expertise has been acquired through the development and production of custom machines, as well as a number of demanding design and assembly projects at home and abroad.

We want to continue to expand our “store” of experience and often initiate new development processes that lead to new solutions.

From concept to operation

FLOWTECH has extensive experience in project management, design, construction, 3D visualisation, manufacturing and installation work, etc. You are therefore in safe hands, from the start to the finish of the process.

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The history of FLOWTECH

FLOWTECH A/S was established in 1988 by Mark Rubow under the name MR Stålteknik. Due to the increasing internationalisation of the company and the difficulties in pronouncing MR Stålteknik, we decided to change the name to FLOWTECH A/S in 1999.