Flowtech has a broad customer portfolio that spans almost the entire food chain.

What can we do

We provide innovative solutions for preparation, separation, storage, mixing, dosing, further processing transportation, preservation, heating, cooling, etc.

To a wide range of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, oils and fats, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, soft drinks, bread, confectionery and food ingredients.

From stand-alone production units to build-in units

From mixers and pasteurisers to entire production plants, our products offer production optimisation and financial benefits

We can tailor all process equipment with a combination of modules and set-ups that ensure both repeatable processing to produce stable, homogeneous products with a long shelf life and efficient clean-in-place (CIP) and recovery solutions to maximise safety and improve yields.

From standardised components to customised solutions, FLOWTECH’s food technology is designed to meet optimal hygiene and quality standards while operating efficiently and sustainably.

Let us advise you in your process

We have many years of experience in developing, designing, producing and servicing systems and equipment for food production, which enables us to act as an advisor to the customer, right from the idea concept, to operation and maintenance. Our core business is in activities with powders, liquids and a combination of these.

Our technical expertise and project management, planning and cost control are there to help our customers achieve flexible and cost-effective food production.
We focus on the customer’s needs and always prioritise the best rather then the easiest solution.