Why FlowTech

No task is a standard task. At FLOWTECH, we focus on the customer’s needs and prioritise the best rather than the easiest solution.

FlowTech operates both domestically and internationally with solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Our vision has become our mission

We want to be the most sought-after supplier and workplace in the Nordic region in our field: powder and liquid flow technology

The mission is to be customers’ preferred and qualified partner for process technology solutions in powder and liquid handling.

Our main business areas

Food, pharmaceutical and other industries

Regardless of the sector or industry, the common denominator is that all our projects involve process flow and hence concepts and techniques are predominantly related.

Depending on the project, FLOWTECH is either the main supplier or a subcontractor.

Our values

Our core values underpin all our actions and help ensure we achieve our overall goals.

  • We look after the customer’s interests.
  • We listen and get to grips with the task.
  • We prioritise visible and present project management.
  • We respect the agreements made.
  • We stay until we are finished.
  • We deliver good craftsmanship and well thought-out solutions.
  • We develop our staff to maintain a high level of professionalism and knowledge of the latest technologies.


FLOWTECH designs and produces equipment for handling, transporting, and mixing powders and granules tailored to the customer’s wishes and needs. Our solutions range from simple setups to automatic systems.

Based on the customer’s own plant or preferences, the equipment is designed and produced to fit precisely in the current production.

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We have many years of experience in making process equipment for pharmaceutical products and production of, among other things, vitamins, drug enzymes and chewing gum

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FLOWTECH has supplied innovative solutions and equipment to the industry for many years. We provide, among other things, storage, mixing, dosing, further processing transportation, heating, cooling, etc., for a wide range of industries

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We provide innovative solutions for preparation, separation, storage, mixing, dosing, further processing transportation, preservation, heating, cooling, etc.

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The history of FLOWTECH

FLOWTECH A/S was established in 1988 by Mark Rubow under the name MR Stålteknik. Due to the increasing internationalisation of the company and the difficulties in pronouncing MR Stålteknik, we decided to change the name to FLOWTECH A/S in 1999.

In the beginning, FLOWTECH A/S produced most of its products itself. Over time, the desire for greater flexibility has led to the outsourcing of many tasks to qualified subcontractors.

Today, FLOWTECH is an adaptable company that, through professional project management, can carry out all stainless steel tasks in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other process industries.