Over the years, FLOWTECH has gained experience and strength as a competent task solver who is often given special tasks.

Our reference list includes companies both at home and abroad, and provides many diverse examples of tasks we have successfully carried out.

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Modernization of CIP facilities

Our client needed modernization of CIP facilities.

Flowtech designed, manufactured and commissioned a modern CIP plant adapted to the narrow building framework.

The plant was equipped with 4 tanks: pre-rinse, lye wash, acid wash and post-rinse. Insulated tanks and heat exchangers ensured optimal energy economy.

The built-in filters backwash automatically, controlled by built-in valves and pressure transmitters. The plant washed 17 departments of the customer’s process plant every night. The built-in temperature transmitters and conductivity meters ensured a documented operation.

Highest standard of hygiene

Everything was designed and executed according to the highest hygiene standards and EU 1935/2004.

The unit was fully assembled as a unit and had FAT in our own workshop before delivery.


Heating units for the production of hot water on the basis of steam

Our customer wanted a number of heating units for the production of hot water on the basis of steam.

FlowTech solved the task based on the customer’s specifications and 3D-designed the units as pre-assembled skids.

The units were tested and pressure tested in our workshop before shipping to the site for assembly far from Denmark.

We provided Full documentation in accordance with requirements in the end user’s country.